With eKEPLER MRP software, you can review your full production schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The Material Requirements planning module tracks your company´s manufacturing orders, customer orders and purchase orders, as well as forecasting each one of them.

When a sales order becomes a production requirement, the software helps you manage the production process down to the smallest detail from Bill of Materials (BOM) to inventory management and floor control.

By using our MRP solution, you will be able to keep track of all operations in your shop floor, logistics, production, planning and scheduling. In addition, you will realize how easy it is to manage and keep track of lots and serial numbers. Tracking work hours and productivity is easy with the MRP direct link to HR, and you could easily get very detailed calculations and other statistical reports, which take a long time to create on by hand solutions.

Our solution will allow you to have full control of your factory machines, routes, workstations and workplaces, as well as raw material requirements (BOM), partial deliveries, and work order termination.