Using the sales module of eKEPLER ERP your company can manage and control all your sales processes, from quotation to a potential item returns. Orders can be referenced with specific delivery dates, as well as automatically be production requirements.

1. Electronic Invoicing

The electronic billing module complies with the provisions of Annex 20 of the SAT 2.0 Mexican Government specification. The module issues, controls and safeguards all of the CDFIs invoices, returns, credit notes, bearing letters) and it will issue the required report request by the SAT as well as send by email any XML, PDF and HTML files. Our electronic invoicing module is fully integrated with the rest of the ERP modules, allowing the company not only to fully manage the electronic invoices, but integrate them to the business process.

2. Point of Sale

The POS will manage all the sales processes from opening to the closing of each cashier. The system allows opening multiple cashiers and multiple branches, it supports barcode and is fully integrated with the rest of ERP.


The Purchasing module helps you track and view the whole purchase process, from purchase orders to possible item returns. Because it is linked to the accounting and inventory module, each time a purchase is generated, the software creates the necessary transaction in the inventory.

With the integration of eKEPLER, this module is fully linked with the accounting area, creating for every purchase a journal voucher and an AP is created.


This module will allow the company not only full control and overview of every payment or expense issued to any supplier, it will also allow the company a full control and overview of the ABC Budget if necessary.