Wholesale and distribution

Our solutions go beyond traditional ERP…

eKEPLER provides an ERP for any type and size of industry. Each solution goes beyond a traditional ERP implementation, providing financial and operational management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management and supply chain management (SCM), all this while adapting the solution to your specific needs and business processes.

eKEPLER ERP for Wholesale Distribution

Regardless of the type of product a company sells, having an ERP system yields various benefits, such as enabling full visibility into customer and supplier transactions, as well as inventory transactions, tracking receivables and supplier payments, to name a few. All of this ensures 100% compliance with legal, accounting, and tax requirements, thereby turning new tax provisions into an ally for the company rather than a heavy additional burden.

Thanks to the eKEPLER licensing scheme being based on the legal entity rather than the number of users, anyone involved in the buying and selling process can be seamlessly integrated into it. This enhances the the process, including sales, warehouse, purchasing, finance, and the rest of the supply chain, making it easier to register orders on the go, monitor inventory levels, manage accounts receivable and credit for customers, streamline the CFDI expense voucher process, among others.