Financial Management


The entire operation of your company will be reflected in the administrative and accounting departments.

The transactions are configured with all the accounting specifications, so purchases, sales, receipts, etc., create the journal voucher needed to support the financial transaction.

From this module you can keep track of all of your accounting, journal vouchers, budgets, project budgets, and view on-screen consulting and reports such as financial statements and journal entries.
Provides a Cash-Flow Analysis and Financial Indicators, which provide valuable information on the financial situation of your company.


The fixed assets module of eKepler ERP will manage the depreciation of all fixed assets in your company. It calculates the depreciation on a monthly and yearly basis and creates the appropriate journal voucher in accounting.

This module will also help you in managing all existing fixed assets by handling information such as the purchase date, the tax cycle and original value, current location as well as annual and monthly depreciation.


Our budgeting module will allow you to view and compare any current year budget to previous years. eKEPLER can track budgets using ABC budgeting, this will allow your company to create and manage budget by project, department, and concept.

Budgets can be handled annually or monthly depending on your needs.


Our Project Management module will help you not only assign and control budgets and expenses but will also give you a full overview of your current financial project status. This module will help you manage any expense, purchase or work done inside your company that is assigned to a particular project, allowing you to create rules for future invoicing customers on any transactions done by your company on a certain project.

Our Project Module is directly linked to the rest of the ERP, so you can view information such a as, inventory used on a certain project, any AP or expense assigned to a certain project, allowing you, not only to track any detail that happens in any current or past project, but also keep an accurate Project Income Statement that is traceable to any activity or item purchased.


This module will track all the bank transactions that occur withing your company. Our bank reconciliation will allow a quick and easy process to find any missing transactions in your bank or accounting statement. Our module will allow you to import this information from the bank statements TXT or CSV files.


With the integration of eKepler ERP, all transactions are linked with each other, so any sale creates its own account receivable, inventory transaction and journal voucher when needed.

Using this module, the company can manage the sales and account history of any customer. Any collection, credit, advance payment, etc. will have its own screen inside the module.

The data analysis tools will allow your company to view any information regarding your customer’s portfolio, due balances and verify any detail transactions by various reports, including customer statements, billing, sales statistics and customer balances among others.


Accounts payable are automatically generated by any purchase made. Likewise, payments will link automatically to their respective accounts payable.

Through the module the company can manage information from suppliers, their transactions and create any type of statistics as well as check their due balances. This module will also create any check or wire transfers to pay of any AP transaction.