Commercial Development

Our Customer Enhancement module will allow the company to analyze each supplier and customer budget and have a full overview of performance indicators such as sales forecast per customer and sales executive, item sales forecast, and sales executive budget planning, all this directly linked to our CRM solution. Any sales statistic can be generated daily, monthly, and yearly.


The Sales Management module allows the company to analyze and define budgets for each of the sales executives inside your organization. You can review their performance and generate any statistic at any moment, without having to wait for the end of the period.


Define budget per sales executive and track their performance over time. This module is directly linked to our CRM, so you can link and track real sales vs quotes and sales orders. Since the module is part of the full ERP solution, any sales information can be obtained per customer or inventory item.


The ERP provides the tools needed to review and analyze the purchase history of any supplier or inventory item. This information is directly linked to the actual sales and purchase history, so the information is always up to date for future forecasting and analysis.