• Sale of handicrafts and souvenirs

  Years in the market:

  • Since 2001

  Number of users:

  • 3 users

  KEPLER Modules:

  • Sales
  • Payments and expenses
  • Accounts receivable
  • Purchases
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Collections
  • Accounts payable
  • Executive analysis


  • Reduction of overdue accounts
  • Decrease in customer service times
  • Increase in inventory reliability
  • Increase in staff productivit

Miranca, a 100% Mexican company, has been dedicated to the sale of handicrafts and souvenirs since it began operations in 2001. This focus on cultural and representative products from the region or country adds a distinctive value to its offerings. The sale of handicrafts and souvenirs not only provides unique and authentic products to customers but also contributes to the promotion of local culture.

Miranca’s history reflects a strategic decision to implement an ERP system like KEPLER in 2001. This move has had a significant positive impact on the management and operation of the company, leading to notable improvements in various areas.

The choice of KEPLER was based on the ease of implementation and simplicity in handling, resulting in a successful integration of the company’s operations. The highlighted achievements of Miranca, as a result of the KEPLER ERP system implementation, indicate significant improvements in several key areas of the company:

Reduction of Overdue Accounts: The implementation of KEPLER has contributed to the optimization of processes related to accounts receivable, resulting in an effective reduction of overdue accounts. This indicates more efficient payment management and an improvement in cash flow.

Decrease in Customer Service Times: The operational efficiency achieved through KEPLER has allowed Miranca to reduce customer service times. This not only enhances the customer experience but can also lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase in Inventory Reliability: Inventory management is crucial in the sale of crafts and souvenirs. The increase in inventory reliability thanks to the ERP system indicates better planning, tracking, and control of stock, preventing losses due to stockouts or unnecessary excesses.

Improvement in Staff Productivity: The automation of processes and the centralization of information through KEPLER may have contributed to a significant improvement in staff productivity. The ability to easily access necessary information and perform tasks more efficiently can have a positive impact on the overall effectiveness of the company.

The customization and adaptability of KEPLER to the specific needs of the business have been fundamental to the success of the implementation. The company has achieved effective integration of different areas, allowing real-time access to information for informed decision-making. Key modules such as Sales, Payments and expenses, Accounts receivable, Purchases, Accounting, Inventory, Collections, Accounts payable, and Executive analysis have contributed to operational efficiency and overall performance improvement of Miranca.

Miranca’s decision to adopt KEPLER is positioned as a strategic and valuable step, reflecting its commitment to continuous improvement, operational efficiency, and building a solid foundation for future growth. This choice has played a key role in strengthening the company’s position in the competitive souvenir market. In summary, Miranca has demonstrated how the adoption of appropriate technologies can be an essential driver for business success in the short, medium, and long term.