eKEPLER helps manufacturing companies

eKEPLER helps manufacturing companies by providing full control and overview of the whole production process. Since our MRP module is fully integrated with the rest of the ERP the company can control the process starting with the sales order, going through the whole purchasing process, inventory transactions and shipments.

Our MRP /MPS module will allow the company to:

  • Have an accurate costing process based on real cost of raw material and other expenses related to the manufacturing process.
  • Always know your plant capacity .
  • Purchase planning, waste control and full overview of inventory on-hand.
  • Control of present and future requirements for production planning.
  • Control of finished goods by operator, machine and production line.
  • Overview of all production orders that are being executed.

Having up-to-date information on your production process will allow you to make more timely decisions, reduce waste, define checkpoints and follow-up on any order.

Given the fact that our MRP/MPS module is fully integrated your will not only have full control of the production process, but also of the purchasing processes. sales order and several ways to measure productivity (by workers, by order, by work center, etc..), among other aspects.

Thanks to the flexibility of eKEPLER, our manufacturing module can be fully adapted to your business processes and rules, making this easier to implement and use.

eKEPLER helps manufacturing companies